4 Advantages of Owning a Tire & Repair Franchise

Advantages of Owning a Tire & Repair Franchise

There are a lot of good reasons for purchasing your own tire and repair franchise. Franchising in general is often a great move for hardworking and enterprising entrepreneurs. But tire and repair franchises specifically have a lot to offer. Here are four key advantages of owning a tire and repair franchise.

Wide Customer Base

Tire and repair franchises don’t need to worry about appealing to a niche customer base. Nearly every family in the country owns at least one vehicle. The average American goes through several vehicles throughout their lifetime. So, there is no shortage of automobiles in America and they all need to be serviced regularly. All vehicles will all need repair periodically. Tires will get punctured and need to be replaced. This is a certainty.

No Explanation Needed

Some businesses involved in industries such as finance or technology can be very impenetrable to outsiders. The average person just doesn’t know what these businesses do and will have a challenging time understanding when it’s explained to the them. With tire and repair franchises, this isn’t the case. We all know what tire and repair franchises do. We often don’t know how they do it (otherwise, we’d probably do it ourselves), but we understand the basic concept of it. This allows tire and repair franchises to simply sell themselves, without it being necessary for them to justify their very existence.

Stable Future

The future is always uncertain, but for tire and repair franchises, it’s much less scary than for bookstores or the hot new mobile app. Growth in the auto service industry has increased steadily for the past several years and is predicted to continue for the foreseeable future. Some people have expressed worry due to the changing nature of automobiles, specifically the move away from fossil fuels and the increasing popularity of electric cars.

But this is not a problem for tire and repair franchises. Regardless of the type of engine, all automobiles require tires. Furthermore, it’s not as though all automobiles have remained the same for more than a century since the innovation of the internal combustion engine. Automobiles have always been changing and will continue to do so. If tire and repair franchises can keep up, they will continue to be necessary and profitable.

Buying Parts

Some potential franchisees are scared off from tire and repair franchises because they fear that the cost of parts and equipment will be too high and eat all their revenue. But these people are either failing to see the big picture or they’re looking at the wrong franchises. This is where tire and repair franchises have a big advantage over independent shops. Successful tire and repair companies will offer their franchisees a preferred vendor program. With a preferred vendor program, franchisors can leverage their buying power across all their franchisees to get quality parts and equipment at significantly reduced prices. Tuffy Tire and Auto Service is one such company that has a preferred vendor program for all of all our franchisees.

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