4 Qualities to Look for in Auto Service Franchise Opportunities

4 Qualities to Look for in Auto Service Franchise Opportunities

Not all auto service franchise opportunities are created equal. While auto service franchises present great opportunities to make a lot of money and to establish a rewarding career in a stable and growing industry, you can’t expect every auto service franchise to flourish. Business is competitive and some franchises just aren’t doing enough to excel in this sector. It is also true, unfortunately, that you can’t expect every auto service franchisor to be scrupulous and to have the best interests of their franchisees at heart. How can you separate the wheat from the chaff and tell the bad from the good? This article can help: here are four qualities to look for in auto service franchise opportunities.

1. A Long History Of Success

It would be unfair to say that an auto service business has to be old to be good. There are probably some markets with recently-founded auto service businesses that provide their franchisees with great opportunities. But they would be aberrations. The auto service business is over a century old. You’d think over that period of time a few businesses would have established themselves as successful.

And a few have. When looking at auto service franchise opportunities, first look for any opportunities from businesses that have been around for a few decades and have a model that has been proven to be successful. That way you can be reasonably certain that the brand name under which you are operating is a well-known and trusted brand. Afterall, that’s a big reason why you’re buying a franchise and not trying to start your own independent business in the first place.

2. A Protected Territory

Another downside of trying to start your own independent business is that there’s nothing to stop a better known and respected brand name auto service franchise from opening up down the street from you and taking all your customers. If you’re going to pay the money to buy an auto service franchise, you better be certain that your franchisor won’t do this to you. A protected territory means that the franchisor will not sell to another franchisee in your designated area, thus eating into your business.

3. Guidance, Assistance, And Education

Yet another big advantage of buying an auto service franchise as opposed to going it alone is that you get somebody to help you. Good auto service franchise opportunities come with guidance, assistance, and training. You want an initial training period to get you up to speed, but you also want ongoing help with matters like advertising and where to buy replacement parts. Good auto service franchisors provide this assistance.

4. A Preferred Vendor Program

Speaking of parts, the biggest annual expenditure you will have when running your auto service franchise is what you spend on parts and equipment. An auto service franchise is only as good as the replacement parts it installs, so you need to get high quality parts. But high quality parts cost a lot of money. Thankfully, successful auto service franchisors are able to leverage the buying power of all their franchise locations to get high quality costs at reduced prices with a preferred vendor program.

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