4 Reasons To Buy A Tire Repair Shop For Sale

4 Reasons to Buy a Tire Repair Shop for Sale

Of all the possible businesses in all the possible industries, why should you buy a tire repair shop for sale? There are many reasons, but this article will focus on four of them.

1. You Should Buy A Tire Repair Shop For Sale Because It’s Your Key Into An Industry Worth Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars.

When we say that tire repair shops exist within an industry worth hundred of billions of dollars, we don’t just mean the automotive industry. Of course, the automotive industry writ large is absolutely gargantuan. But have you head of the “automotive aftermarket”? This is a term for the industry that covers all transactions to do with automobiles that occur after their initial sale. As you can imagine, automotive service is a huge part of this automotive aftermarket, which is worth $281 billion in the US alone. That’s a lot of money. And tires require more replacements and repairs than other vehicle part, and thus generate more revenue than any other part.

2. You Should Buy A Tire Repair Shop To Be A Part Of A Growing Industry.

Tire repair shops don’t just have a lot of customers now, they’re likely to have even more in the near future. According to the same Grandview Research Market Analysis Report cited earlier, the automotive aftermarket should grow by an impressive rate. Based on a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4%, the automotive aftermarket should achieve revenues of $513.8 billion by 2027. If you buy a tire repair shop within the next year or two, your shop should be well-established by that time to make some impressive profits.

3. You Should Buy A Tire Repair Shop To Guard Yourself Against The Pitfalls Of Economic Recessions.

The growth numbers mentioned above are only forecasts; they could change. One thing that often proves forecasts incorrect is an economic recession. However, tire repair shops are nearly recession proof. People need their cars everyday for a variety of reasons. If a tire blows, they have to have it replaced.

4. You Should Buy A Tire Repair Shop Because It’s An Easy Concept To Grasp.

Tire repair is not an esoteric concept. A lot of people make money in the tech business but many more lose their shirts because it is very complex and it changes so fast. Tires have been around for over a century and you don’t need to be genius mechanic to succeed with a tire repair shop.

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