5 Qualities to Look for in Auto Repair Franchises for Sale

5 Qualities to Look for in Auto Repair Franchises for Sale

Auto repair franchises for sale offer an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to run their own business, benefit from the help of an established framework for success, and to, ultimately, make a significant amount of money. The auto repair industry is huge and it’s growing, so there is a lot of opportunity for success. But, just like any industry, there are no guarantees. If you pick the wrong auto repair franchise for sale, you could end up in the red. But how do you pick the right auto repair franchise? Here are five qualities to look for in auto repair franchises for sale.


If you’re going to succeed with an auto repair franchise, you need to buy from a franchisor who is honest with you. A shiftless franchisor who is trying to sell you a bag of goods is to be avoided at all costs. As are well-meaning franchisors who simply don’t know what they’re doing. The truth is, auto repair franchises don’t sell for cheap. It costs a fair amount of money to get one up and running. If you don’t have all the money in your back pocket, don’t worry; few do. There are many financing options available and financial institutions are rarely shy of loaning money to an auto repair franchisee because they know that such endeavors are, by and large, safe investments. With all that said, you don’t want an auto repair franchisor who tries to hide how much their franchises cost. You want to see a full and simply laid out list of costs and criteria.

2).Protected Territory

Dovetailing with the above is the idea of a protected territory. When you buy an auto repair franchise for sale, you should get a protected territory with your purchase. This means the franchisor won’t allow another franchise to open in your area. This is critical. Do not look at any auto repair franchise for sale that doesn’t come with a protected territory.

3).Training And Support

If you wanted to go it alone, you’d start your own auto repair business from scratch. But that’s extremely hard to do and one of the reasons for that is because you don’t necessarily know what you’re doing. A great benefit to buying an auto repair franchise for sale is that you get to benefit from the knowhow and experience of people who have succeeded in doing what you’re attempting to do. An initial training period followed by ongoing support is crucial.

4).A Preferred Vendor Program

Auto repair franchises spend a lot of money on parts and equipment. Any way to bring these costs down is hugely beneficial. Franchised companies that are big enough can leverage the buying power of all their franchise locations. This means that instead of just one auto repair shop buying parts at full price, auto repair franchises can buy parts at reduced costs because of bulk deals given to the entire company of franchise locations.

5).Brand Name Recognition

Positive brand name recognition is invaluable. You want to buy an auto repair franchise for sale from a brand that is well established. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service has been thriving for almost five decades. We also offer all the above benefits. To learn more, please contact us today.