5 Reasons to Seize an Auto Service Franchise Opportunity

Reasons to Seize an Auto Service Franchise Opportunity

Investing in a franchise is a great move for hard working, independent minded, entrepreneurs. You get to be your own boss, but you still have the security and support of a larger company, as well as brand name recognition. And auto service franchises, specifically, are a fantastic opportunity. This article will detail some of the reasons why auto service franchise opportunities are perhaps the greatest franchise opportunities of all.

Lots of Potential Customers

Some franchises appeal only to customers who like submarine sandwiches. Some franchises appeal only to customers who have children who need some extra help in school. Auto service franchises appeal to people who drive cars. And that is a lot of people.

There were an estimated 268.8 million vehicles registered in the United States in 2016. That is a lot of vehicles and a lot of drivers who are potential customers. Few franchise opportunities can offer as much mass appeal as an auto service franchise.

Lots of Potential for Repeat Business

All those 268.8 million vehicles mentioned above need to be serviced and will need to be repaired at some point. And that’s where auto service franchises get their business. If an auto service franchise does an excellent job of servicing and repairing those vehicles, they are likely to win themselves repeat customers.

Industry Recognition

One of the important things about opening a franchise as opposed to a completely independent garage is that your business has instant brand name recognition. Well, one of the important things about going into the auto service industry as opposed to some industries such as technology or consulting, is that everybody instantly knows what you do. People know the purpose of an auto service franchise. They already know what you do and the value of your work.

Strong Revenue

An auto service franchise can generate a lot of revenue if it is strategically located, the franchisee works hard, and the franchisor fully supports the franchisee. For example, at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service, the gross sales of our franchisees in 2017 ranged from $286,434 on the low end to $2,155,196 on the high end, based on the 96-franchised stores that had been in operation for at least two years and have at least six bays.

Because Tuffy Tire & Auto Service is Looking for Franchisees

Just as not all franchise opportunities are equal, not all auto service franchise opportunities are equal. A Tuffy Tire & Auto Service franchise opportunity is the best auto service franchise opportunity. That is because of strong, positive brand recognition, as well as fully supportive franchisors.

We offer our franchisees all the training and support they need, including marketing support. We also have a preferred vendor program, where all our franchisees can get top quality parts and equipment at reduced prices. And finally, all Tuffy franchisees are given a protected area, ensuring no other Tuffy franchisee can move into their territory and eat into their business.

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