8 Benefits of Running an Auto Care Franchise

8 Benefits of Running an Auto Care Franchise

At Tuffy Tire and Auto Service, we are always looking for qualified candidates to open one of our auto care franchises and help us expand our brand. If you’re looking to get into franchising, whether it’s for the first time or to add to your franchise portfolio, you should strongly consider an auto care franchise. But why is that? This article will go over some of the things that make auto care franchises great businesses to own.

1. The Need For Auto Care Is Understood

As the owner of an auto care franchise, you won’t need to spend that much time explaining to people what you do. This will save you time at parties but more crucially it demonstrates that the value of an auto care franchise is understood by the general public. You don’t need to spend time and resources on convincing people of the value of your work.

2. Auto Care Franchises Have A Huge Customer Base

There are over 270 million registered vehicles in the United States. Each of these vehicles will need auto care at some point. Often, they will need it repeatedly. Repairs, maintenance, service, all of it. That’s 270 million potential customers (minus those who own multiple vehicles) for auto care franchises in America.

3. Auto Care Franchises Have A Growing Customer Base

In 2016, the number of registered vehicles was about 268 million. In 2015 that number was 263 million, 260 million in 2014, and 255 million in 2013. See a trend here? As the U.S. population grows, so too does the number of vehicles. The customer base for auto care franchises is huge and growing.

4. Auto Care Franchises Are Part Of A Hugely Profitable Sector

Globally, the automotive aftermarket is worth approximately $722 billion (USD). What is the automotive aftermarket? It’s the collective market of all transactions that involve automobiles after their initial sale to the public. As you might imagine, auto care franchises make up a huge portion of this market.

5. Auto Care Franchises Are Forecasted To Increase Their Profits

If 722 billion isn’t enough for you, how about a nice, round, trillion? That’s how many dollars the automotive aftermarket is predicted to be worth come 2020. And the best way for you to get a piece of this enormous pie is to buy an auto care franchise. Right now.

6. Auto Care Franchises Have Big Advantages Over Independent Auto Shops

“But wait,” you say, “Can’t I also be part of the automotive aftermarket with my own independent auto care business?”. Yes, you can. But you’ll probably be a much smaller part and probably not for very long. Auto care franchises have big advantages over independent auto care shops. There are the common franchise benefits of training, guidance, and a brand name, but with auto care franchises there’s more. Preferred vendor programs mean you get top quality parts at reduced prices.

7. You Get To Help People

By fixing and maintaining people’s vehicles, you’re helping them. And it feels nice to help people.

8. Return Business Is Major Factor For Auto Care Franchises

If you help people well enough, they’ll come back to you when they need help again. Repeat business is huge for auto care franchises.

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