Are There Any Good Auto Repair Franchise Opportunities?

Are There Any Good Auto Repair Franchise Opportunities

When looking to buy a franchise, there are several things for which you should look. If there is an industry in which you have experience or for which you have a great passion, that might be a good industry in which to invest. But even complete novices to an industry can make money with a well-run franchise. If that franchise is a good opportunity, that is. So, are there good auto repair franchise opportunities?

The Auto Repair Industry

First, let’s look at why it’s a promising idea to get into the auto repair industry more generally before we start pinpointing the good qualities of specific franchise opportunities. Growth is a huge factor; you don’t want to jump into a dying industry. And the auto repair industry is growing. A report by the Auto Care Association valued the automotive aftermarket industry at an estimated $273.4 billion in 2017. That is an increase of nearly $35 billion over a period of just four years. The only conclusion to come to here is that the auto repair industry is very healthy indeed and that all the signs are good. Given that, now we should narrow our search to look for good franchise opportunities within the auto repair industry.

Preferred Vendor Programs

One huge advantage auto repair franchises have over independent shops has to do with parts and equipment. Parts and equipment represent one of the biggest costs auto repair franchises have. Anyway to get these costs down would be of great benefit to your overall revenue. And that’s where franchises come in.

If a company is big enough –and well organized enough– it can leverage the purchasing power of all its combined franchisees to get great deals on top quality parts and equipment. This is something that independent and smaller companies cannot really do. If you can find an auto repair franchise that comes with a preferred vendor program, it is a fantastic opportunity because it means you’ll enjoy considerable savings on parts and equipment.

Protected Territories

Just as with franchises in most any industry, protected territories are very important. A protected territory is an area around a franchise location in which franchisors will not let another franchisee open a shop. This makes perfect sense because it does the company no good to have two or more franchisees cannibalizing their own business. But some of the less well run and less scrupulous companies do not offer protected territories, so make sure you get a protected territory when you buy your auto repair franchise.

Marketing Assistance

One of the toughest things for new businesses to do is to market themselves effectively. You bought an auto repair franchise, not a marketing agency, so it can be hard to know what to do. In short, you’ll want all the help you can get. Look for franchisors who will help you in your initial advertising and marketing campaigns. A company marketing department to run a complete media analysis of your market and develop television and radio commercials, newspaper, point-of-sale materials, and special promotions specifically for your shop is hugely beneficial.

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service is a great auto repair franchise opportunity because Tuffy offers a preferred vendor program, protected territories, and marketing assistance. To learn, please contact us today.