“Are There Tire Shops For Sale Near Me?” And Other FAQs

"Are There Tire Shops For Sale Near Me?" And Other FAQs

“Tire shops for sale near me?” “How much does an auto shop cost?” “Should I buy a tire shop or start my own?” Whatever questions you’ve been researching, this article will answer some key questions about the tire repair business.

“Are There Tire Repair Shops For Sale Near Me?”

There probably are tire repair shops for sale near you. Tire and automotive repair are in high demand right now, so many tire repair franchisors are looking to expand their business. You can find information about Tuffy Tire & Auto Service shops available near you, here.

“Is It Better To Buy A Tire Repair Shop For Sale Or Start My Own, Independent Tire Repair Business?”

For the vast majority of entrepreneurs, it is far more prudent to buy a tire repair shop for sale. Independent tire repair shops have extremely little margin for error. They have no established brand name, nobody to teach them how the tire repair industry works, and nobody to help them with marketing. Furthermore, financial institutions are usually more comfortable loaning money to somebody operating under the umbrella of an established business.

“How Much Does A Tire Repair Shop For Sale Cost?”

Cost depends on where you are and how large of a tire repair shop you want to open. At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service, we look for potential franchise partners with a minimum net worth of $500,000 and $150,000 in liquid assets. This because start-up costs can top $160,000, however for some that number might be as low as $66,000. Tuffy can also recommend a third party to provide financing, which is something many franchisees need. You can learn more about costs and criteria here.

“How Much Money Does A Tire Repair Shop Make?”

The average Tuffy Tire & Auto Service shop makes over a million dollars in revenue, while the median number is just below that. These figures only include franchise locations that have been in business for at least two years and that have at least six bays.

“Do I Want A Single Unit Or Multi-Unit Tire Repair Shop?”

A single unit shop is just that: one tire repair shop. If you purchase a multi-unit shop, you have the right to open several tire repair shops. The multi-unit option is generally preferred by entrepreneurs who already own businesses and/or are operating out of an area where few of those tire repair franchises already exist.

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