Common Auto Repair Business Questions Asked By Prospective Buyers

Common Auto Repair Business Questions Asked By Prospective Buyers

If your search engine has recently included the query, “auto repair businesses for sale near me?”, then this article is for you. Here is some useful information if you’re interested in buying an auto repair business near you.

“Is It Better To Buy An Auto Repair Business For Sale Near Me Than Opening My Own Independent Auto Repair Business?”

Should you go it alone? An independent shop might sound more exciting—you against the world—until you realize, it really is you against the world. Wouldn’t you rather have some friends and allies? It is exceedingly more difficult for an independent auto repair business to succeed than an auto repair franchise. By buying an auto repair business near you, you can benefit from advantages like a recognized brand name, training, ongoing support, and already established business relationships with third parties.

How Much Do Auto Repair Businesses Cost?

Don’t kid yourself; buying and starting up an auto repair business requires significant investment. Some people worry about the franchising fee but, provided you’re buying from a reputable auto repair franchisor, the franchising fee is hardly even a significant amount of the required investment. The cost of buying an auto repair shop near you depends on where you live. To buy and start up a Tuffy Tire & Auto Service costs anywhere between $220,000 and $420,000, depending on where you are and the size of your location. You need to have liquid capital totaling at least $65,000 and perhaps even as much as $165,000. Financing is always an option. Tuffy can connect you to third-party financing.

“Is Buying An Auto Repair Business Near Me A Good Financial Decision?”

It costs a lot of money to buy an auto repair shop, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad investment. There is currently a record amount of demand for the services of auto repair businesses. This is partly because of the record high number of automobiles in the US today, but even more important is that the average automobile on the road is older than ever before. Older cars need more repairs and maintenance than newer ones do, hence the record demand.

Replacement Parts Usually Constitute The Largest Yearly Expenditure For Auto Repair Businesses.

You’re going to have to spend a lot of money on parts and equipment. The best auto repair franchisors have preferred vendor programs with which they can leverage buying power of all their franchises to get high-quality replacement parts at reduced costs.

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Is Looking For Qualified Franchisees To Open New Auto Repair Businesses.

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