Facts And Figures On Tire Repair Shops

Facts And Figures On Tire Repair Shops

Should you buy a tire repair shop for sale? If you’re looking to become the owner of a franchise business, there are lots of options to choose from. To help you decide, here are some key facts and figures regarding tire repair shops.

280 Million. That’s The Number Of Potential Customers You’ll Have If You Buy A Tire Repair Shop For Sale.

Before you buy a tire repair shop for sale, or any business for that matter, you should look at the kind of customer base you could be working with. There are a lot of vehicles on the roads of the United States today. About 280 million, in fact. Even if we just assume those are all four-wheel vehicles, that means there are well over a billion tires rolling over American roads every year. More actually, because you have to consider that many drivers change from winter tires to summer tires, to all-season tires, and more. Tire repair shops have no shortage of customers.

200 Million. That’s The Number Of Replacement Tires Purchased Every Year In The United States.

If you buy a tire repair shop for sale, you won’t just be sitting around and waiting for some of these billion tires to spring a leak, burst, puncture, or otherwise get damaged. Tires are replaced as a matter of course. Most tires are replaced every three to five years. The result is that every year about 200 million replacement tires are purchased in the United States alone. There are two important things to note here. First, these are replacement tires, they don’t count the tires purchased as components of new vehicles. Second, these are only tires on cars and light trucks. These do not count all the tires on 18-wheelers, busses, construction vehicles, and the like.

$20 Billion. That’s Not How Much You’ll Have To Pay To Buy A Tire Repair Shop For Sale, That’s How Much Tire Repair Shops Make Every Year.

Every year, US drivers collectively spend about $20 billion on replacement tires for their cars and light trucks.

12.1 Years. That’s The Average Age Of Vehicles On US Roads Today.

At an average age of over 12, American vehicles appear to be older than they have ever been before. This matters because older vehicles need more service and maintenance than new vehicles need. Most auto shops repair more than just tires, so these businesses are experiencing record amounts of demand.

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service

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