How to Choose a Tire Repair Shop for Sale

How to Choose a Tire Repair Shop for Sale

If you are thinking about getting into franchise ownership, or are looking to add to your franchise portfolio, you should be looking at tire repair shops for sale. When it comes to franchises, a tire repair shop is one of the wisest investments you can make. The automotive aftermarket industry effectively includes any business transactions regarding automobiles after a vehicle’s initial purchase. As such, tire repair shops fall into this category.

Not only is the automotive aftermarket a stable industry, it is a growing one, and all the trends point to more growth. Clearly, it’s an industry worth investing in, but that doesn’t mean that all tire repair shops are created equal. You will still need to find the right investment to get the most bang for your buck. But just how do you choose a tire repair shop for sale?

Why a Tire Repair Shop?

There are literally thousands of different franchises you could choose to purchase, so why pick a tire repair shop at all? Well, many industries live and die by the whims of fads, governmental policies, and the state of the economy. But the automotive aftermarket is not as susceptible to such change.

Tire repair shops need only for people to continue to drive vehicles to have a customer base. And that’s not changing any time soon. The big changes that are happening in the auto industry –hybrid and electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles– don’t change the fact that there are still plenty of vehicles on the road. 268.8 million of them, according to Statista circa 2016. And all those 268.8 million vehicles will need to be serviced from time to time. And that’s why tire repair shops are so valuable.

How to Pick the Best Tire Repair Shop

Clearly, a tire repair shop has a distinct advantage over franchises in other industries. But how can you know that the tire repair shop for sale that you’re looking at is a good choice. While a tire repair shop is, generally, a good investment, it’s not as though you can purchase just any shop and expect to make a ton of money. You must pick wisely. So, what should you look for?

Regardless of the industry, one key thing to look for is the relationship between your potential franchisor and its franchisees. No franchisee can truly succeed without the ongoing support of a responsible franchisor. But what does that support look like? Well, first, you should look at the training and education offered. No tire repair franchise should expect all their franchisees to be experts in the field on day one, so they should offer comprehensive and ongoing training. Second, they should offer a preferred vendor program, allowing their franchisees to get top quality parts at reduced prices. And last, they should offer a protected territory, ensuring they won’t allow another franchise to open down the street from you.

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