How Does Franchising Work in the Automotive Repair Industry?

How Does Franchising Work in the Automotive Repair Industry?

If you’re looking into becoming the owner of a franchise location and you see automotive franchises for sale, what is your reaction? Do you jump at the opportunity? Do you wonder if buying an automotive franchise for sale is the right move for you? Do you disregard it entirely? If you answered with either of the latter two, then there’s clearly some things you should learn about the automotive repair industry. Of course, it’s not as though every single person interested in franchise ownership should or could purchase an automotive franchise for sale. But if you’re looking to buy a franchise of some description and you’re not even considering an automotive franchise for sale, then there are somethings you really ought to know about how franchising works in the automotive repair industry. Because you could be passing up a golden opportunity.

The automotive repair industry

You should know a few things about the automotive repair industry. First, the industry is huge. The automotive repair industry comprises a huge chunk of the automotive aftermarket. The automotive aftermarket is a term that applies to all business transactions that occur involving an automobile after its initial sale to the public. As you can imagine, repairing these automobiles is a main pillar of this market.

There is a lot of money in the automotive aftermarket. We’re talking over a hundred billion dollars in the U.S. alone. And that number is growing. By 2022, the automotive aftermarket is predicted to be worth $1 trillion globally. That is an awful lot of money. And if you want to get your fair share of it, the best way is to buy an automotive repair franchise.

Automotive franchises for sale

But how does franchising work in the automotive repair business? If you’re not too familiar with franchising, you might only understand the model in terms of establishments such as fast food restaurants. Well, the premise is much the same when it comes to automotive franchises. People are more comfortable with recognized brand names. They trust them. They feel better going into an automotive repair shop if it operates under a brand they recognize, even if they’ve never been to that shop before.

This is why automotive repair franchises have such a big advantage over an independent shop. If you open an independent shop, you’ll have a real hard time attracting customers. You also won’t be able to benefit from the other advantages that automotive repair franchises get from their franchisors. These benefits include ongoing training and support as well as preferred vendor programs that allow you to get top quality parts and equipment at reduced prices.

Of course, not all automotive franchises for sale will present equal opportunities for success. Some brands are stronger than others and some franchisors offer more than others. That’s why it’s important to vet your options as stridently as possible. Nevertheless, when you see an automotive repair franchise for sale from an established and widely recognized brand, you should definitely follow up on that opportunity.

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