How Many Tires Do Tire Shops Sell?

How Many Tires Do Tire Shops Sell?

If you’ve been searching “tire repair shops for sale near me”, you should learn just how many tires are repaired and sold, and how this business works.

Looking For A Tire Repair Shop For Sale Near You Is Definitely A Good Idea If You Want To Be A Business Owner In A Thriving Sector.

If you’ve been entering “tire repair shops for sale near me”, in your search engine of choice, you have a pretty good mind for business. Maybe you just love working with cars and tires or maybe you sensed that there’s a lot of money in tire repair and sales. Either way, if you buy a tire repair shop for sale, you’re going to have a pretty good chance of turning a good profit with that business.

Every year, Americans spend hundreds of billions of dollars on their cars. A lot of that money is spent in the automotive aftermarket. This is a category that collects all the transactions made that involve automobiles after their initial sale. As you can imagine, auto repair makes up a lot of this market. But how big of a role do tires play?

About 200 Million Replacement Passenger Tires Are Sold In The United States Every Year.

How many other products are purchased to anywhere near the same volume as 200,000,000 units per year? Not many, that’s for certain. There are over 275 million vehicles that drive on American roads every year. That means that there are over a billion tires on the road every year. That is a lot of tires that will eventually need to be replaced and possibly repaired.

More tires are sold than any other automobile component. For one, there are four of them for every vehicle (not including motorcycles, busses, transport trucks, etc.). Second, the tire is the only part of a vehicle that actually touches the ground (unless something goes badly wrong). Tires wear out and get punctured. Tires also need to be rotated and balanced, and in parts of the country with seasonal variability, they need to be swapped out for winter tires when it’s cold. That’s a lot of potential business for a tire repair shop.

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