How to Become a Top Automotive Franchise

How to Become a Top Automotive Franchise

Top automotive franchises make a lot of money. A lot. This is because there are so many potential customers for an automotive franchise. Statista estimates that there over 270 million registered vehicles in the United States. Furthermore, these vehicles are, on average, older than they have ever been. And older vehicles need automotive franchises more than newer vehicles do. The chances for success are high for automotive franchises, but nothing in business is ever easy. You must work hard and work smart in order to run a top automotive franchise. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Choose a Good Location

“Location, location, location”; when choosing real estate, it’s the prime concern. Auto shops are large, so you are little restricted in terms of possible locations. You’ll have to pick the best spot in order to be seen and to be easily accessible. This is true both on a micro level –where in your chosen city/county you choose to locate your automotive franchise— and a macro level, meaning, you must make sure that the automotive franchise you want to buy is available in your area. Furthermore, you want a protected territory. Don’t buy an automotive franchise from any franchisor who does not promise to keep your territory as solely yours. This means that the franchisor won’t allow another franchise to open in your area.

Customer Service

The automotive industry is a service industry. The quality of the parts you use to replace any component of a vehicle on which you work are important. But ultimately, you’ll only be as successful as your service. This doesn’t mean being overly nice and smiling like a maniac at your customers, though politeness and a warm smile do go a long way. But offering the most complete service in a timely manner should be your calling card. Also, explaining what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what it costs to all customers is paramount. Customer loyalty is very key in the automotive industry because vehicles will require ongoing service and repair for as long as they are operational. Impress a customer once and you could have repeat business for decades.

Cut Costs Where You Can

The ability to cut costs without affecting the quality of your service or your products is key to helping any business thrive. Top automotive franchises can do this with the parts they use. Replacing broken or misfiring parts of a vehicle with similarly shoddy parts is a real good way to fail. What you need are top quality parts at reduce prices. The only way you can do this is with help from your franchisor. Automotive businesses that have enough franchise locations can leverage their collective buying power to get reduced, bulk prices on parts and equipment. This means that as an individual franchisee, you get the all the parts you need, which are all top quality, put you don’t have to pay full price. This is what can allow you to become a top automotive franchise.

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