How to Evaluate Auto Repair Franchise Opportunities

How to Evaluate Auto Repair Franchise Opportunities

The auto repair business has long been a favored industry for prospective franchisees. Over the course of their long history, auto repair franchises have not wavered in their appeal to entrepreneurs. This is because, stated simply, the auto repair franchise industry has remained solid for decades. Indeed, it continues to grow even to this day. But just because the industry is strong, that does not mean that every auto repair franchise opportunity you see will be equally as strong. This article will provide a few pointers on how to evaluate auto repair franchise opportunities.

The Auto Repair Business

As mentioned above, the auto repair business has been around for a very long time. If automobiles have, in fact. And despite being over a century old, it is now arguably stronger than ever. The reasons for this are simple. There are more people than ever, more cars than ever, and Americans are driving their cars for longer than they have before. Older cars need more repairs and more maintenance, hence more business for auto repair franchises.

Why Auto Repair Franchises?

All these statistics hold true for wholly independent auto repair shops as well as franchises. So why should entrepreneurs focus on franchises? While being fully independent might seem more romantic, it’s a lot less practical. There are just too many advantages to be a part of a larger franchised company. Franchisees get automatic brand name recognition, an established template for success, ongoing training and education, and more. That is, of course, if they buy the right franchise. And to do that, you need to be able to properly evaluate various franchise opportunities.

Auto Repair Franchise Opportunities

For an auto repair franchise opportunity to really be worth your time (and money) it should bring with it all the advantages mentioned above. An auto repair franchise opportunity is only a good one if it can deliver you these advantages. Let’s go over them one by one:

  • Brand name – It makes utterly no sense to invest in a tarnished brand. An unknown brand is not much better. When evaluating auto repair franchise opportunities, first do some research on the brand name. Is it recognized? Do people have a positive association with it?
  • Training and support – You want to know that the franchisor is really invested in your success. A comprehensive initial training period is needed but, furthermore, ongoing training and support is key. It shows that the franchisor is there to help you.
  • A protected area – Some shiftless franchisors are not too picky about where they allow franchises to open. You need a franchisor that will guarantee you a protected territory. This means they won’t let another franchise open down the block, cannibalizing your business.
  • A preferred vendor program –the biggest recurring expenditure for an auto repair franchise is buying the necessary replacement parts and equipment. Any wayyou can save money here is paramount. The best auto repair franchisors offer a preferred vendor program where they leverage the collective buying power of all their franchisees to get great prices on quality parts.

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