How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Auto Repair Franchise

Employees for Your Auto Repair Franchise

If you are new to owning an auto repair franchise or are thinking about doing it one day, there are probably a lot of things you’ll have to do in which you aren’t very experienced. One of these tasks might be hiring. This can be a very daunting skill to learn. How can you be sure you are hiring the best employees for your auto repair franchise?

Hiring for Auto Repair Franchises

One of the advantages of buying into a franchise over opening up your own independent shop, is that you get a great deal of support from a franchising organization. All on your own, you might be faced with hiring staff for the first time with nothing to go on but a bunch of strangers resumes and handshakes. But with the right franchise organization, you can get support and guidance to ensure your staff know what they’re doing.

The Tuffy Training Center

We here at Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service believe that every member of the Tuffy team is a reflection of our brand. . We want our franchisees to succeed as much as they do, so we’ve figured out a way to make sure our franchisees get the best staff for their auto repair franchise.

We’ve been able to do this with our state-of-the-art Tuffy Training Center. The Tuffy Training Center is located in Toledo, Ohio, and here is where we run new franchisees through everything they need to know: customer service, vehicle inspection, sales techniques, inventory control, fiscal management, shop administration, and of course, employee recruitment. Furthermore, on-the-job training can be conducted in operating centers, including operations, and daily management.

Tuffy University

But the support doesn’t stop at the training center. You may have learned the ins-and-outs of employee recruitment, but that doesn’t mean that every technician or staff member you hire will always know exactly what to do. To help with this, we have our web-based Tuffy University. It’s up and running 24/7 and has 210 courses designed to enhance the skills of technicians, service advisors, managers and owners. You will have the ability to track training for all employees, design a training path by job type and print certificates of completion afterthe course(s) are completed.

Ongoing Support

Good franchisors only want the best franchisees. Good franchises only want the best employees for their auto repair franchises. There’s no magic wand to make sure this all happens. It takes hard work and a solid plan. At Tuffy, we don’t just throw our franchisees into the deep end, and neither do our franchisees with their staff. We offer ongoing support to make sure everybody knows their job. Support such as:

  • Regular visits from Tuffy’s district managers.
  • Access to Tuffy representatives for advice during regularly scheduled in-shop meetings and via telephone.
  • A convenient toll-free technical hotline is also available for day-to-day problem solving.
  • Access to in-shop and market-wide training sessions, timely product information bulletins, a bi-monthly newsletter, and the annual dealer convention.
  • Business review analysis of store sales and performance vs. system-wide benchmarks.
  • Access to operating system manuals.

Tuffy Auto Repair Franchises

Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service has been operating successful auto repair franchises since 1970. If you would like to join the Tuffy organization or learn more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us.