How to Open a Tire & Auto Repair Shop

How to Open a Tire & Auto Repair Shop

If you’ve decided to open a tire & auto repair shop, you’ve probably made a good decision. But opening your own business can be scary; there’s not always a lot of wiggle room for hiccups and mistakes. Because profit margins can be razor thin at first, you want as big a customer base for your product or service as possible.

That’s why tire & auto repair shops are generally good investments. Many, if not most, adults in this country drive a car. And their cars will always need maintenance and repairs. And tires are one of the parts of a vehicle that most often need service and repair. Thus, with a tire & auto repair shop, you have a big pool of potential customers. So, it’s a promising idea. But just how do you go about opening a tire & auto repair shop?


If you already know everything there is to know about tires and automobiles, great! Being a former mechanic or gear head can give you a good head start. However, you needn’t know everything about tires or autos to be able to run a successful business. Sound management and a good business model are what’s most important.

Therefore, among other reasons, you should consider franchising. A good company with responsible franchisors will offer a training course so you can learn what you need to know about the products and service at issue. They will also have an established business model and template you can use to make your business successful. Franchisors may also have good relationships with third parties who can offer good financing deals, so you can start your business off on firm financial footing.

Location, Location, Location

You can’t open your tire & auto repair shop just anywhere. You’ll want to pick just the right location to maximize your chances of succeeding. Obviously, the space must be big enough for a tire & auto repair shop, don’t try to save on costs and pick a place that’s too small. You also want the right locale. Small and rural towns are charming and quaint, but they’re not necessarily the best place for a tire & auto repair shop. To give you access to enough potential customers, look in and around suburban and urban areas.

When dealing with franchisors, make sure you can get a protected territory. There’s no sense in spending all that money on a tire & auto repair shop franchise only for shiftless franchisors to undercut you and sell another franchise in the same area.

Franchise vs Independent

This is a pretty big decision you’ll have to make right at the beginning of the process. Being completely independent is the more romantic choice, but it’s not the more practical choice. Going with a franchise can get you deals on equipment and parts via a preferred vendor program and the best companies will walk you through the entire process of how to open a tire & auto repair shop from the initial contact to opening day.

 And That’s How to Open a Tire & Auto Repair Shop

Of course, there are many more details you’ll want to learn as you go along. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Centers offers preferred vendor programs, protected territories, and complete training. To get started on opening your tire & auto repair shop, please contact us today.