How To Run The Best Automotive Franchise

How to Run the Best Automotive Franchise

There are several blogs on this site that explain both why automotive franchises are wiser investments than completely independent automotive shops as well as why automotive franchises are better choices than franchises in other industries. So, let us assume that you have come to this article because you are already interested in purchasing an automotive franchise. What’s next? What do you need to truly succeed in the automotive aftermarket? How can you run the best automotive franchise possible?

“I get by with a little help from my friends”

When Ringo Starr first sang those words in 1967, they were emblematic of the coming “Summer of Love” and the togetherness and unity that young people around the world felt at the time. It remains true of all of us. “No man is an island”, is another old saying, and we all need a little help from time to time. And as an automotive franchisee, your best friend should be your franchisor.

The truth is that no automotive franchise can succeed despite their franchisor. If you have a franchisor who is overwhelmed, incompetent, or worse still, unethical, you’re unlikely to succeed no matter what you do. The best automotive franchisees have great franchisors. It’s a symbiotic relationship; when one succeeds, so does the other.

What to look for in a Franchisor

Before you set out on establishing your own successful automotive franchise, you need to figure out which franchisor, which company, can best help you get there. Obviously, you will need guidance and training. A franchisor that offers a weeks-long course to teach new franchisees what they’ll need to know is a franchisor who is invested in the success of their franchisees. But it shouldn’t stop there. A good franchisor will provide ongoing guidance and support whenever needed. Such franchisors allow their franchisees to establish the best automotive franchises possible.

Other key factors

No franchisor, no matter how good, can assure that all their franchisees run the best automotive franchises. But they can lay the groundwork so that all their franchisees, if they work hard enough, can establish the best automotive franchise in their area. “In their area”, that’s an important concept. One of the key things franchisors should do is offer protected territories. This means that the franchisor will not go ahead and sell another franchise location in your area, thus undercutting you.

Another thing you will need to establish the best automotive franchise you can is a preferred vendor program. A great portion of the expenses of an automotive franchise are the parts and equipment that you must buy. Any way you can save money on these, while still getting high quality parts, will be integral to you making yours one of the best automotive franchises around.

Lastly, don’t neglect the basics. So much of the business automotive franchises get is return business. You must do your best to impress your customers. Doing so is the difference between getting a onetime visit from somebody and establishing a lifelong, loyal customer.

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