How to Spot a Good Automotive Franchise for Sale

How to Spot a Good Automotive Franchise for Sale

The automotive business is a good business in which to work. Especially the automotive aftermarket, which includes automotive repair shops. There’s a lot of customers out there; a lot people drive vehicles. Therefore, there’s a lot of money in that market. And all the best market forecast has that business only growing and growing. But if you’re not part of the automotive industry, that’s OK, you can still join!

Automotive Franchises

Perhaps the best route into the automotive industry is via an automotive repair franchise. By setting up a business that can repair and service a wide array of vehicles, you are not beholden to the fortunes of any specific auto manufacturer nor even a specific type of vehicle. And while opening your very own shop under your own name might be romantic and exciting, it’s also tough to pull off. Purchasing a franchise makes a lot more sense.

With a franchise you get support and training from your franchisor. They can tell you things you need to know and give you a template for success. You have something of a safety net as franchisee. And perhaps most importantly of all, you get to buy into an already established and well-known brand.

The Good Automotive Franchises for Sale

All of this may have been enough to convince you to start looking for automotive franchises for sale already. Well, that’s great, but hold on a minute. Not all franchises, nor franchisors, are equal. You want the best automotive franchise for sale that you can find. The one that gives you the best chance of success and profitability.

There first thing to look at is the brand name. What’s the old saying about reputation? “It takes years to build a reputation and only seconds to destroy it”. Positive brand name recognition is invaluable in business. Buying into a respected and admired brand name is an excellent first step on to the path of success. Buying into an unknown brand doesn’t do you much good. And buying into a tarnished brand is just foolish. You want a brand name that has stood the test of time. One that has been around for decades and that people trust.

Other Things to Look for in Automotive Franchises for Sale

But a good brand name is merely one of the attributes you should look for in automotive franchises for sale. What about the relationship the franchisors have with their franchisees? Do they give them every opportunity to succeed? Do they know what they’re doing? Are they just trying to make a quick buck on the franchising fee?

You want some commitments from the franchisor. Commitments like a protected territory ensuring that they won’t let another franchise location open a block away from you. You also want training, support, and ongoing guidance from your franchisor. And franchisors who have a preferred vendor program by which you can get top quality parts and equipment at cheaper prices, are selling a very good automotive franchise indeed.

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