How to Open a Tire Repair Shop

How to Open a Tire Repair Shop

Tire repair shops can be a great investment. Few industries offer such a large pool of potential customers (a lot of people drive) nor such potential for customer loyalty. When people need to change their tires or tune up their vehicles, they often go to the same shop repeatedly. If said shop provides quality service, of course. And every vehicle will need to have its tires changed and will need to be serviced and repaired multiple times over the course of its life. So clearly, there is enormous potential for not only a large pool of potential customers but return customers as well. But how do you get started? How does one open a tire repair shop?

Tire Repair Shops

Tire repair shops have a leg up on a lot of other types of businesses and franchises because of the service they provide. So many people drive and all of them need to service and repair their vehicles, so tire repair shops have a much greater chance at profitability than shops and businesses in other industries or services. But not all tire repair shops are equal. You need to find the right location and business model to really make things click.

Franchising vs. Solo

One of the first questions you must ask yourself is do you want your tire repair shop to be completely independent or do you want to own a franchise of a large company? An independent shop might be more romantic –you’re truly doing it all alone– and you’d get to keep 100% of the profits…if there are any profits. Which, frankly, there’s a good chance there won’t be. Independent shops start from so far behind franchises that it’s hard for them to be successful. Franchises benefit from an already established brand awareness and you’ll have a template for success given to you along with your investment. Plus, banks might be likelier to provide loans to entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise of a proven brand rather than going it all alone.

How to Open a Tire Repair

But what do you look for in a tire repair shop? Surely, not all franchisors are equal. You need a franchisor who really has your back. Look for things like a preferred vendor program. These programs leverage the buying power of an entire company to get quality parts and equipment for a cheap price. Also make sure that any franchise you look at comes with a protected territory. You don’t want to go through all the rigmarole of opening a tire repair shop only to have another one open down the street. These are the qualities that make tire repair franchises superior to independent shops.

But how do you get started on opening a tire repair shop? Your first step is to contact a competent and successful franchisor. We suggest…Tuffy Tire & Auto Service! If you click here, you can see all the details of what are needed to begin and all the info you need to learn how to open a tire repair shop.

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