Picking the Right Automotive Franchise for Sale

Picking the Right Automotive Franchise for Sale

Picking the right automotive franchise for sale is not like grocery shopping. You can’t try it out and if you don’t like it, buy a different brand next time. You need to do your due diligence to discover which is the right automotive franchise for you. When looking at automotive franchises for sale, there are certain criteria you should use to evaluate the various opportunities before you. This article will go over how to pick the right automotive franchise for sale.

Brand success

There are several reasons why buying an automotive franchise for sale makes more business sense than opening your own, brand new, independent automotive shop. But perhaps the biggest reason has to do with branding. People want to take their vehicle to automotive repair brands that they recognize and trust. Therefore, you should look for an automotive franchise for sale by a company that has decades of experience; from a company that has had time to build up some brand awareness. This is not to say that a new automotive franchise company can’t do good work, but picking an established brand is just a much safer move.

Franchise support

Another great reason to buy an automotive franchise for sale is because it’s scary to go it alone. You can’t always know what the best move is, so it helps a lot if there is somebody there to give you guidance. For example, not everybody who runs a successful automotive franchise is an expert in automotive repair. Often, franchisees know very little about automotive repair when they start out. But good franchisors will provide an extensive training period to teach all their new franchisees the basics. They also offer ongoing support in case the franchisee is at a loss at any point going forward.

Protected territories

Another more tangible form of support comes in the form of protected territories. Sadly, not all automotive franchises are being sold by responsible franchisors. Some franchisors are out to make a quick buck. Such franchisors will not offer a protected territory and thus should be avoided like the plague. A protected territory means that the franchisor will not sell another franchise location in the same area as you. Franchisors who don’t offer protected territories cannibalize their own customer base and their franchises struggle. Any automotive franchise for sale that you consider buying must come with a protected territory.

Preferred vendor programs

After you set up your automotive franchise, your biggest expenditure every year will likely be on replacement parts. You’re going to have to replace a lot of parts running an automotive franchise, so you had better get good replacement parts. But parts are expensive, so if there’s any way you can save money on them without getting lower quality parts, you should do it. Generally, that means a preferred vendor program. Successful automotive franchise companies can leverage the buying power of all their franchise locations in order to get high quality parts at reduced costs. This gives a major boost to the profit margins of each individual franchise location.

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