Should I Get into the Automotive Business?

Should I Get into the Automotive Business?

Many of us work as employees and thus many of us have bosses. Many of us earn a wage that is not necessarily tied to how well the business for which we work does. Many of us would like to earn more money. Many of us would like to be our own bosses. These are all reasons why many of us want to own our own business. But what kind of business should we go for? Which opportunities are better than others?

The automotive business

The automotive business offers, for many, the best path towards successful business ownership. Of all the types of businesses to own, why should you get into the automotive business? Well, because the automotive business has two things every industry wants: stability and growth. Everybody knows what automotive businesses do. Most of us don’t know how to repair an automobile ourselves, but we understand that when something goes wrong, we need the services of an automotive business, so as an automotive business owner you don’t need to spend any time explaining to people what you do or why your work is valuable.

Most American households own at least one automobile. With America’s population at an all-time high, so too is the number of vehicles on America’s roads. What’s more, these vehicles have an all-time high average age, of about 11.5 years. This is key because the older a vehicle is, the more auto service it is likely to need. It’s for these reasons that the American automotive aftermarket –of which automotive repair businesses make a huge portion– has an estimated value of $296 billion. And these factors that have caused this growth are predicted to continue. That is why, globally, the automotive aftermarket is expected to reach the $1 trillion mark by 2022 (all figures USD).

Automotive business franchises

It’s true that all the above numbers should prove to be good omens for independently owned automotive businesses. But if you’re looking to get into the automotive business, you should be looking for automotive business franchise opportunities. The reason for this is that there are so many more barriers to success when you go it alone. How will new customers find you? What kind of marketing budget do you have? Do you have a marketing strategy? Why should customers trust your unknown brand? Do you already know everything there is to know about automotive repair?

By buying an automotive business franchise, you get the benefit of a training program to teach you what you need to know. Plus, good franchisors offer their franchisees ongoing support, including support with marketing and helping to secure third-party financing to help you get started. Furthermore, automotive businesses with long-established brands bring with them a built-in customer base that already recognizes and, hopefully, trusts your brand.

Automotive business franchise opportunities

Not all automotive business franchise opportunities are equal. To get into the automotive business the right way, you must pursue the right franchise opportunity. Look for franchise opportunities that come with training programs, preferred vendor programs that will allow you to get top quality parts at reduced prices, as well as protected territories that ensure other franchise locations won’t pop up across the street from you.

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