The Dos and Dont’s of Auto Repair Franchises

Dos and Dont’s of Auto Repair Franchises

Auto repair franchises present great opportunities. Buying an auto repair franchise means buying into an industry that has shown steady growth and is projected to continue to grow. More generally, becoming a franchisee is great decision for many business people and entrepreneurs because it manages to couple independence and autonomy along with a support system and brand recognition. But this is not to say that every auto repair franchise is successful or that none can fail. Here are the dos and don’ts of auto repair franchises.


Do buy into a trusted brand name. One of the biggest advantages of owning a franchise over an entirely independent auto repair shop is that you get a brand name along with an investment. People like familiar brands. They are more comfortable with them.

That is, if they trust said brand. Not all brands are equal. Why bother paying a franchise fee for a brand that customers don’t recognize? Or worst still, don’t trust or otherwise have a negative opinion of? So, make sure the franchise you purchase comes from a company that has built up brand equity over years of professional and reliable service.


Don’t try to do it all yourself. Even if you’re an expert mechanic and/or have owned auto repair shops before. You don’t want to buy into a company that offers no support, education, or training. Even if you don’t think you need any –which, let’s be honest, we could all benefit from some advice from time to time even on subjects that we know well– you still don’t want to buy into a company that just throws its franchisees into the deep end with no swimming lessons.


Do cut costs wherever you can. This doesn’t mean find a location that is of an insufficient size for an auto repair franchise. Nor does it mean you should underpay the technicians you hire. But you should always be looking to reduce expenses wherever it is possible to do so without affecting the service you can provide.
One such area to look at is equipment. One of the biggest expenditures for an auto repair franchise concerns the equipment and parts that you need to purchase. Here again you can utilize the power of your franchisor. Some companies have preferred vendor programs where they recommend a trusted vendor from whom you can buy equipment. By leveraging the purchasing power of all their combined franchisees, some auto repair companies can get excellent, reduced prices and high-quality parts and equipment. Look for opportunities to buy a franchise from a company that does just that.


Don’t invest in a company that won’t protect your investment. Some less than scrupulous companies undercut their franchisees. They do this by letting newer franchisees open locations that are way too close to already established ones. This cannibalizes their own business. It’s not good for franchisees and, long term, and it’s not good for the franchisor, either. That’s why you should only look for auto repair franchise opportunities from companies that offer a protected territory, so you can be sure another auto repair franchise won’t open just down the road from you.

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