Tire Repair Shop for Sale – A good Opportunity?

Tire Repair Shop for Sale - A good Opportunity?

Let us suppose a few things. Let us suppose that you are a business person or an entrepreneur of some sort. Maybe you have worked in the tire repair business for years and you’ve finally saved up enough money to start your own tire repair shop. Or maybe you’re a business person who already owns several businesses but is looking to add another. Maybe to diversify your portfolio. Whatever the case, you’re hard working, independent minded, and you want to run your own business. As such, you’re looking for opportunities to get started on this endeavor and you see a tire repair shop for sale. What do you do? Is a tire repair shop for sale a good opportunity?


In terms of running your own business, you have two choices: buy a franchise or start your own business. Buying a franchise is like planning to buy your dream home through savings and wise investments. Starting your own, independent business is like buying a lottery ticket. Although, in this case, even if you do beat the odds and hit the jackpot, the rewards are not much, if at all, greater than buying a franchise.

The truth of the matter is that buying a franchise gives you loads of advantages that running an independent business will never have. First, you get people helping you. The franchisor will arrange for your training and education with regards to running your franchise. And they can offer ongoing support, always being there when you need to ask a question about inventory, marketing, or customer service.

And then there’s the brand name. Positive brand name awareness is extremely valuable. As an independent, your brand is completely unknown. And then there are other matters, such as vendor programs that get you good deals on equipment and protected areas that keep other franchise locations away from you. Clearly, a tire repair franchise for sale is a better opportunity than your own, stand-alone tire repair shop.

Tire Repair Shops for Sale

But why a tire repair shop, franchise or otherwise, at all? There are countless franchises you could buy in every industry you think of. Why a tire repair franchise? Because tire repair shops are used by nearly everybody. Most American families own at least one vehicle. There were over 300 million vehicles on American roads in 2016. And the average age of these vehicles is at an all-time high, too. All of this means that there are more potential tire repair shop customers than ever before. How many other industries can claim to have as large of a customer base as tire repair shops? Very few indeed.

The Right Tire Repair Shop for Sale

But none of this will do you any good if you buy the wrong tire repair shop for sale. What if the brand into which you buy is a tarnished, distrusted, or simply unknown brand? There goes any advantage you might have from buying a tire repair shop for sale. What if the franchisors don’t care about their franchisees? Or if they don’t know how to help them? That’s no good either. You need competent, invested franchisors backing you up.

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