Why Tuffy Is Your Best Choice to Become a Top Auto Repair Franchise

Why Tuffy Is Your Best Choice to Become a Top Auto Repair Franchise

When you’re opening an auto repair franchise, you want it to do well. You want it to outperform the competition and to make you money. You want it to be a top auto repair franchise, and if that’s what you want, then Tuffy is the way to go. From our hands-on and helpful assistance to the customer base, buying power, and earning potential that go along with a trusted brand name, there are a million reasons why Tuffy is the right choice to help you become a top auto repair franchise. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Tuffy Is There For You

Nobody can do a job completely on their own as well as they can with a dedicated and helpful team behind them, and with Tuffy, you will not be expected to. Tuffy’s help begins before you even purchase your franchise. While we do not directly help with obtaining financing, we have relationships with third parties that can assist in that area. Between your purchasing of the franchise and opening day, Tuffy provides comprehensive marketing assistance, including the making of commercials, and both in-class and in-store training in all relevant fields, especially customer service. Once you are up and running, Tuffy continues to provide support with regular visits to your franchise.

Brand Recognition

With Tuffy, you know you are getting the best, and so do your potential customers. There is really no substitute at all for the power of brand recognition. It you’re your customers in the door, it facilitates recommendations from your customer base to each of their friends and family by being easy to remember, and it makes your clients feel safe when they drop off their automobiles to leave with you. On the other side of things, Tuffy’s brand power also means that you will always have access to our network of suppliers. Our collective buying power and long standing relationships with quality suppliers means that you will get the best parts at the best prices.

Strong Earning Potential

Between the assistance you will receive from Tuffy and the power of our trusted brand name, the earning potential of owning a Tuffy franchise is extremely high. The average number for gross sales last year at Tuffy franchises which have been open for more than two years was over $900,000. Each began with a man or woman who recognized the potential in owning a Tuffy franchise and who saw it through. The high end for gross sales last year was over $2 million, so just imagine what a dedicated franchise owner backed by Tuffy’s support could achieve!

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