Tuffy Brake Contest

Tuffy Brake Contest

As many of you already know, the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) has designated August as ‘National Brake Safety Awareness Month’ and something that Tuffy as an organization is heavily communicating through (local websites, print advertisements, on hold messaging, AutoNetTV, among other areas). With support from the folks at AutoZone, we are excited to share details of a company-wide brake-category contest during the periods of August & September.

  • A total of 10 prizes (2 per district) will be awarded to the top performing Tuffy locations(s) with the largest collective increase as a percentage of sales within the ‘brake category’ from the prior period (Aug.-Sept. 2016). (Top prize for each district will be an Apple watch. Runners-Up prize for each district will be an Amazon Echo Dot.)
  • To be eligible to participate, a Tuffy location must have a comparable total store sales increase from the prior period (Aug.-Sept.) and a comparable sales increase in the brake category for the prior year. As an example, if a Tuffy location has comparable total sales and or brake category sales decrease in August, that location is still eligible to win the contest if the total store sales and brake category sales for the two months are greater than the prior year.

To further illustrate: Tuffy Location A

  • 2017 August & September overall sales $150,000
  • 2017 Brake Category Sales $27,000
  • 2016 August & September overall sales $140,000
  • 2016 Brake Category Sales $21,000

Summary – Tuffy Location A would qualify for the contest as it garnered a 7% comparable store increase from the prior period. Tuffy Location A experienced an increase within the brake category of 28.6% from the prior period.

  • A contest update will be communicated through the 9/20 TNT Newsletter
  • Contest winners will be announced in the 10/20 TNT newsletter

In preparation for the upcoming contest, AutoZone is offering special discounts on their Duralast line. Please review the AutoZone Bundle Up and Save attachment.

For any questions relating to the Tuffy Brake Contest, please contact Dan Glacken by email at dang@tuffy.com or myself at barryu@tuffy.com. Both Dan and I can also be reached by phone at 419-865-6900.