Tuffy University Now Offers Classes in Spanish

Tuffy University Classes in Spanish

Tenemos nuevos cursos! Tuffy University is excited to announce new Spanish courses. Our goals are to bring convenient, relevant, and effective training to all Tuffy locations.

Courses in one’s primary language can speed up learning.  Below is a sample list of Spanish courses. Don’t forget that many of the online ASE test preparation courses have a Spanish language option.

To see all of the course titles, log into Tuffy University and search the Catalog for the word Spanish.

Spanish Titles

  1. Amortiguadores y Struts: Dominar la Oportunidad
  2. Bloqueo y Etiquetado: Empleados Afectados
  3. Brakes-ABS básica Solución de problemas y Servicio
  4. Determinando el Reemplazo Correcto de un Convertidor Catalitico
  5. Equipo de Proteccion Personal

English Translation

  1. Shocks and Struts: Mastering the Opportunity
  2. Lockout / Tagout: affected employees
  3. Brakes-ABS basic troubleshooting and service
  4. Determining the correct replacement of a catalytic converter
  5. Personal Protection Equipment