Jim Heim

My wife and I have owned a Tuffy® Auto Service Center for over 8 years, and it has been an excellent experience.  My background is engineering and I have led engineering teams, but this is my first experience in a retail auto service business and owning my own business.  The training and support from Tuffy allowed us to take a failing location that had been closed and turn it around to become a top-ten store nationally (2015).   Tuffy provided training at their facilities, at other store locations, and at my store.  In just 8 months we had built a business that was running in excess of $1M/year by following their tenets, procedures, and guidelines.

My District Manager Warren is a great guy – he helped me with the hiring of my initial team, gives advice on various issues whenever I ask, has been here to help with the training process, and is always available for questions and to help with any issues that arise.  The support staff at Tuffy Corporate is likewise extremely helpful.  Tuffy’s CFO Karen and President Roger have been there for one-on-one meetings, support, and advice whenever I have asked.  The Director of Franchising Bob is a great guy and helped tremendously with the purchase of the franchise.  Barry has helped us at every step with advertising, promotions and our website which has filled our shop with customers.  Once they are there, implementing the training on how to run the shop and deal with our customers has kept them coming back.  In the rare instance, there is a customer complaint or issue, Bridgette and Warren do a fantastic job of resolving it.  Tuffy has a Franchisee Advisory Council which represents our issues, views, and concerns and works with Tuffy for our benefit.

Overall this has been a very rewarding experience, a lot of hard work, and an opportunity to control our own destiny.