What are the Automotive Franchise Systems that Matter?

What are the Automotive Franchise Systems that Matter?

Since you’re on this site and perusing this blog, you’re probably thinking about buying an automotive franchise. Or perhaps just a franchise more generally. When researching franchises, you’ve probably come across the term “franchise system(s)”. You could be forgiven for not knowing exactly what it means. It is often used quite vaguely and can even be misleading. Not all franchise systems are proven, and automotive franchise systems can differ slightly from how franchise systems in other industries operate. So, what do you need to know about automotive franchise systems?

Automotive Franchise Systems

What is an automotive franchise system? Let’s break down this term into its component parts. By “system” we mean the procedures and tasks managed and performed by business owners and managers that see to the day-to-day operations of a business. Effectively, a “system” can mean just about any aspect of a business, depending on context. Advertising, financials, production of goods, human resources, and customer service can all be viewed as a set of procedures, and therefore, systems.

“Franchise Systems” more specifically relate to, of course, franchises. Franchise systems are the procedures and tasks executed by a franchisor. Franchise systems generally include procedures and tasks involving: employee training, production of products and/or services rendered, the methods of delivering services and/or products, customer service, marketing, and customer service. An automotive franchise system is any of the above system within the context of, or relating to, the automotive industry.

What You Need to Know about Automotive Franchise Systems

Effective and efficient franchise systems are imperative to the success of a franchised business. If a franchisor claims to have a proven franchise system, ask him or her about it. What is the track record of success? How do they approach different systems? Do they view some as more important than others?

Are all automotive franchise systems equally important?

It’s not so much a matter of figuring out which automotive franchise systems matter, and which don’t. But rather, it’s a matter of understanding how to approach all the different procedures and recognizing when some need more attention than others. You need a good understanding of how the franchisor does, and expects business to be done, with regards to each system. And you want clear instructions and cooperation from your franchisors on all matters.

What to  Look for in Automotive Franchise Systems

Cooperation is important. One of the main draws of becoming a franchisee is running your own business and the autonomy and independence that comes with it. So, you don’t want a franchisor that micromanages. Even so, you want a franchisor that will help you out and not leave you high and dry.

This can make something like a franchisor’s marketing system very important. An automotive marketing franchise system that has in-built ways for the franchisor to help the franchisee is imperative. This help can come in the form of helping you with the marketing budget or giving tips and templates; or both would be best. Similarly, with regards to employee training, any automotive franchise system that includes procedures to help train the employees across all franchises is a plus.

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