What Are The Most Common Repairs Done By Automotive Repair Franchises?

What Are The Most Common Repairs Done By Automotive Repair Franchises?

If you’re thinking about owning an automotive repair franchise, it would be helpful to know what work you will actually be doing and overseeing. So, just what are the most common repairs done by automotive franchises?

Automotive Repair Franchises Have Seen Plenty Of Work Over The Past Several Years.

Automotive repair franchises are in high demand these days. A lot of vehicles need repairing, it seems. The global automotive aftermarket was valued at $378.4 billion (USD) in 2019. That is obviously a huge number and not all of it can be attributed to American automotive repair franchises. First, the number is global, not US-specific. Second, the automotive aftermarket encompasses all transactions concerning automobiles after their initial sale. This covers a great many transactions, but getting cars repaired is a huge portion of it. And the US is the largest market within the automotive aftermarket.

What accounts for this huge number? One is purely to do with population growth. There are more people than ever before and so there are also more automobiles than ever before. But the kind of automobiles is also key. It doesn’t matter the make of these vehicles so much as their age. The average vehicle on American roads today is older than ever before. And older vehicles need more maintenance and more repairs than new vehicles need. But which repairs do they need most often?

Every Automotive Repair Franchise Is Different, But You Can Expect To Perform Certain Repairs More Often Than Others.

Automotive repair franchises don’t all contribute to some national registry containing all the repairs they’ve ever done, so there’s no hard data on the overall frequency of repairs. But we can infer how often items are repaired or replaced based on how much money is spent on given parts and items, and that information is easier to track.

The bar graph on this page illustrates how much money is spent on specific parts. More money is spent on tires than anything else, by a significant amount. And this makes sense. Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually come into contact with the road (unless something goes badly wrong) and therefore that friction causes them to get worn out more quickly. Similarly, brake parts rank high, followed by lighting and electronic components. Notice that tires account for only a plurality of the money, not a majority. This means automotive repair franchises will be tasked with replacing a wide variety of parts.

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