What Do Auto Repair Shop Franchises Do?

What Do Auto Repair Shop Franchises Do?

If you are looking to make a living as a franchise owner, you’ve got a pretty good idea there. As a franchise owner, you get to reap more of the rewards of your hard work than you would as an employee. Whether you’ve worked hard for decades to save up enough money to buy a franchise or you already have a successful portfolio of franchises, you can make a good living by owning an auto repair shop franchise. The best part of it is that you don’t need to know a whole lot about auto repair yourself to succeed owning an auto repair shop franchise. A  good auto repair shop franchisor will give you all the training, education, and support you need to be successful. Even so, it’s always good to have a bit of background knowledge about an industry before jumping into it. So, what exactly is it that auto repair shop franchises do?

Auto repair shops

Auto repair shops repair automobiles. Yes, we all know this, but what does that entail? How do you repair automobiles? What do you need to repair them? Well, all automobile repairs are contingent on what is needed. Some auto repair shop franchises focus on one specific component of an automobile, such as the glass or the transmission, and others have the capability to repair a wide array of auto parts.

What commonly needs repairing on an automobile? Well, it could be a number of things. Auto repair shops replace mufflers, they tighten brake lines, they perform oil changes, they gap spark plugs, they replace headlights and taillights, and lot more. One major item that needs attention are the tires. This is because, A) there are four of them, and B) they are the only part of the automobile that touches the ground (unless something goes badly wrong). In colder climates, tires also need to be swapped for winter tires every year. Tires can be sealed when punctured or entirely replaced. Because auto repair shops deal so much in tires, they often account for a great deal of their expenses and their sales.

Auto repair shop franchises

All of the above are things that any old auto repair shop can do. But what can an auto repair shop franchise do? An auto repair shop franchise can do all of the above, but with more frequency, and, well, better. Auto repair shop franchises have some big advantages over independent shops. The first is the brand name. If you run an auto repair shop franchise under the banner of a brand that people recognize and trust, they will be much likelier to bring their business to you. If they’ve had a positive experience at a different auto repair shop under the same franchise brand, they’ll trust you.

The biggest recurring expenditure for an auto repair shop is on parts and equipment. However, auto repair shop franchises often spend a little bit less on parts and equipment. This is because the best auto repair shop franchisors can leverage the buying power of all their auto repair shop franchise locations to get great deals on top quality parts and equipment.

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