What Opportunities Does The Automotive Business Offer Entrepreneurs?

What Opportunities Does The Automotive Business Offer Entrepreneurs?

Automotive business franchise opportunities are nothing to ignore. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to step up your portfolio or enter the world of business ownership, you should look into what automotive business franchise opportunities can offer you.

The Automotive Business Has Franchises That Can Offer Aspiring Business Owners Great Opportunities.

Not every American owns a car, but most do. According to a Pew Research Center survey from 2015, 88% of Americans own a vehicle or belong to a household that does. There are over 280 million registered vehicles in the United States. This means that the automotive maintenance and repair business has about 280 million customers in the United States (not unique customers, as some Americans own more than one vehicle, but 280 million potential vehicles which might need maintenance). Apart from essentials like food or toiletries, what other industry commands such a large customer base?

It’s not just the number of vehicles out there that are propelling the automotive repair business to make all the money they are right now. The average age of all the vehicles on America’s roads today is probably an all-time high (almost 12-years-old). This is key because older vehicles need more service and repair than new ones do. This increases the demand for automotive business franchises even further.

How Much Money Can An Automotive Business Franchise Opportunity Offer?

There is a lot of money out there for automotive business franchises. The US automotive aftermarket is valued at $281 billion. The automotive aftermarket covers all transactions conducted that involve automobiles after their initial sale to the public. Automotive business franchises comprise a huge portion of this market. Few other industries can boast such a high value.

What Opportunities Will You Have With Your Automotive Business Franchise?

If you buy the right automotive business franchise, you could be making more than your fair share of that $281 billion. A well-run automotive business franchise that is supported by a successful franchisor can make a remarkable amount of revenue. Give yourself two years to get up to speed and if you manage an automotive business franchise with at least six bays, you can reasonably expect to make about a million dollars in revenue every year. And these are just the financial opportunities. Owning your own business gives you more flexibility with your schedule and how you manage your life. Lastly, getting people’s vehicles in working order and helping them out when they’re in a bind can be wonderfully rewarding.

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service

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