What Opportunities Will You Have With An Automotive Franchise?

What Opportunities Will You Have With An Automotive Franchise?

Learn about how automotive franchise opportunities can be a gateway for entrepreneurs to a lucrative and rewarding career as a business owner.

Automotive Franchise Opportunities Offer The Best Way To Get Into The Automotive Repair Business.

If you want to operate within the automotive service sphere, you have two options. You can either buy the franchising rights of an existing successful automotive repair brand, or you can start your own independent shop. There is very little margin for error if you go independent. Automotive franchises have several advantages.

For one, provided you pursue the right automotive franchise opportunity, you’ll have a recognized and respected brand name under which to operate. The franchisor can also offer you a lot of help in terms of initial training, ongoing support, help with marketing, and they can recommend third-party financial institutions who can loan you the necessary start-up funds. You are much likelier to receive that financing with a recognized franchise, too, as opposed to your own, independent business, which would be an unknown quantity to the financial institution.

The Automotive Aftermarket Offers A Lot Of Opportunity For Profit.

So, an automotive repair franchise offers you the safest route into the automotive repair and service sector. But why should you want to enter this sector? What’s so special about working within the automotive realm? Well, the predominant reason is money; there’s a lot of it in the automotive aftermarket.

The automotive aftermarket is the collection of all transactions that involve automobiles after their initial sale to the public. Automotive service and repair is a huge part of this market and the market itself is enormous. According to Statista, by the end of 2021, a total of $202 billion will have passed through the American automotive aftermarket alone. A successful industry doesn’t guarantee that each individual business within that industry will succeed, but it does give you a far better chance than if you were operating in a much smaller industry.

Opportunities Abound In The Automotive Aftermarket.

What’s further encouraging is that all indicators presage continued success in this market. For example, according to the Wall Street Journal, the age of the average American vehicle is 12.1 years, a record high. Because older vehicles need more maintenance and repairs than newer vehicles, this means more business for automotive repair shops.

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