What to Look for When Buying an Auto Repair Franchise

What to Look for When Buying an Auto Repair Franchise

Opening up an auto repair shop can be a big  decision for industrious, hardworking, entrepreneurs. Even more so if you know a little bit about auto repair. But in many ways, buying a franchise that is part of a larger auto repair organization is better than setting up your own independent shop. You get to piggyback on already established brand recognition, you might be able to secure better contracts with suppliers through the company, and you have a built-in template for success.

That being said, not all auto repair franchises are created equal. Some have distinct benefits over others. But how to know which is best? Here is what you should look for when you see an auto repair franchise for sale.

Location, Location, Location

It might sound a bit trite, but you really cannot overstate the importance of location to any commercial enterprise, including auto repair franchises. You don’t want to buy into a franchise that will restrict your possible location to an absurd degree. Furthermore, you have to estimate the value of that brand’s recognition where you are. There might a great chain of auto repair shops in Washington State, but if you live in Orlando, what is that really worth to you?

Additionally, remember that you’re looking for an auto repair franchise for sale. Not a bakery or a personal accountancy business. You need space. You need exactly the right type of building in which to do your work. Make sure that any franchise you’re looking to buy into has detailed information on how big your location should be and about where in a given community it should be located.

Protected Areas

You will also want some assurance from the franchisor that your area will be protected. What wemean by this is that, once you purchase your auto repair franchise, the company won’t try to sell another one right next door to you. You want a protected area for your business. Franchisees stealing business from each other is not a model for success.

Preferred  Vendor Programs

Another thing to think about when looking for an auto repair franchise for sale is how and from where you will get your equipment and supplies. Again, this isn’t just an office or a bodega you’re opening up, it’s an auto shop. Your ability to thrive and make profit relies heavily on the quality of your supplies and equipment and how much they cost you.

A company with a preferred vendor program can be a great asset in this respect. You don’t have to spend weeks or months corresponding with various vendors in the hopes of finding the best deal. You already know to whom to go for your supplies. Keep in mind, too, that with a large organization, all franchisees have the advantage of collective buying power, getting supplies cheaper than they would cost you if you were independent or part of a smaller franchise.

Tuffy Auto Repair Franchises

Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service has been operating successful auto repair franchises since 1970. We provide all our new franchisees with detailed information on what to look for in a location, we give them protected areas, and offer a preferred vendor program. If you would like to join the Tuffy organization or learn more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us.