What You Don’t Know About Auto Service Franchises

What You Don't Know About Auto Service Franchises

In our minds, auto service franchises are simple. Sure, the work they do might be complex, and, in fact, it is, but the basic concept is one we understand. They maintain and repair automobiles. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, yes and no. While the core concept is infinitely more understandable (and explainable) than your cousin’s new tech start-up, there are lots of details about auto service franchises about which we don’t often think, or don’t even know. So, here’s what you don’t know about auto service franchises.

Automobiles Aren’t One Thing

To you, me, and probably most drivers, a car is a thing. A wholly contained machine that gets you from home to work and a few other places. However, to an auto service technician, an automobile is an engine, a transmission, a muffler, a gas tank, a windshield, four wheels, two axles, and on and on and on. Of course, we know that an automobile is made up of many parts. But we really don’t think about automobiles in this way until one of those parts misfires or breaks down.

All of this is to say that an auto service franchise can choose what it services. Some franchises are ultra-specific and focus on one aspect of the vehicle, such as the transmission or just windows and windshields. Others try to branch out and service everything; still more franchises try to find a happy medium for themselves.

The Pros and Cons

Of course, all strategies have their pros and cons. By being willing to service and repair all components of an automobile, you have a much wider net of potential customers. However, for this you need more space, more technicians, more equipment, more parts; in short, more overhead. And there is greater potential for things to go wrong.

However, on the other hand, there are franchises that are hyper focused on one or two parts. These franchises attract fewer customers but have a lot less invested in overhead costs. As with most things in life, the best answer is probably a happy medium, but all strategies can work for auto service franchises if they work hard and market themselves consistently and coherently.

Customer Service

The most important part for an auto service franchise is not how well they can repair and service vehicles, per se. Of course, that is very important, but more broadly, what’s important is customer satisfaction. Now, customer satisfaction is key for everything from bookstores to restaurants, but there’s an added importance for auto service franchises.

You see, people tend to own their vehicles for several years. Sometimes over a decade. And in all that time, the vehicle will need to be serviced regularly and repaired several times. If you really impress your customers the first time they walk into your franchise, you could have a customer for years; maybe even for life. Likewise, if a customer really likes your auto service franchise, but moves to a different town, they’ll likely seek out a different franchisee of the same company. And the same will be true of customers who move to where you live. So, to succeed in the auto service industry, you must ensure that your customers are satisfied.

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