What You Need To Capitalize On An Automotive Repair Business For Sale

What You Need to Capitalize on an Automotive Repair Business for Sale

An automotive repair business for sale can be a wonderful opportunity that is too good to pass up for many entrepreneurs. But you want to make sure you have what you need before you dive in head-first.

Why You Should Capitalize On An Automotive Business For Sale.

Before we explain what prospective franchisees need to successfully turn an automotive business for sale into their profitable automotive business, we’ll briefly explain why automotive businesses are so attractive right now. Let’s look at some basic facts that point to the success of automotive businesses. First, there are approximately 287 million registered vehicles in the United States right now. And that number doesn’t even include big vehicles like 18-wheelers and tractors.

Second, the average age of a vehicle on America’s roads today is 11.9, which is quite possibly a record high. People were already driving their vehicles longer and the financial insecurities that the coronavirus pandemic has brought have made people even more hesitant to buy a new vehicle. Older vehicles need more service than newer ones, which means more business for automotive repair franchises. Lastly, buying an automotive repair business gives you several advantages over somebody who is starting from scratch. You’ll get a template for success, a protected territory, and you can benefit from established relationships with suppliers of replacement parts.

What Experience Do You Need To Buy An Automotive Repair Business For Sale?

Many people are worried that the auto repair business isn’t right for them because they don’t know much about auto repair. If you know a little about auto repair, that will help. And if you are now or used to be a mechanic, even better. But this knowledge really isn’t necessary at the beginning. Any good automotive franchisor will teach you all you need to know about repairs before you get started. More important is some experience running a business or managing a team. Furthermore, experience and dedication to customer service is crucial.

How Much Money Do You Need To Buy An Auto Repair Business For Sale?

At Tuffy Tire and Auto Service, we look for candidates who have a stable financial foundation. To have a good chance of success, you should have minimum net worth of $500,000 and at least $150,000 in liquid assets. Tuffy has relationships with third parties who can help you secure financing, as well. To learn more about the costs associated with buying a Tuffy Tire and Auto Service franchise, please click here.

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