What You Should Do if You see a Tire Repair Shop for Sale

What You Should Do if You see a Tire Repair Shop for Sale

Trying to decide the best business investment for your future is tricky. Buying a franchise is often a great decision for entrepreneurial, hardworking, businesspeople. But whether it’s your first franchise or the latest of several you already own, it’s rarely an easy decision. First you must decide what industry you want to invest in and then you must pick the best franchise to buy within that industry. You obviously want to be part of a growing and stable industry and that’s why tire repair shops are so attractive.

Tire Repair Shops

Tire repair shops are part of the automotive aftermarket. This market covers pretty much everything to do with any service transactions that take place involving vehicles after their initial purchase. Tire repair shops make up a huge portion of the automotive aftermarket. Every vehicle needs regular service and will need to be repaired periodically over the course of its lifespan. This is as true of luxury sedans as it is family minivans as it is pick-up trucks. Few businesses within the automotive aftermarket can count on patronage from customers of all income brackets. But tire repair shops can.

A Growing Industry

Not only is the automotive aftermarket huge, it is growing. It’s not just that there are tons of Americans who own and drive vehicles, they are, on average, holding on to their vehicles for longer than they used to. This is good news for tire repair shops, because older vehicles tend to need more service, maintenance, and repairs. There are few items that Americans own as much as vehicles and with the average vehicle requiring more service than before, tire repair shops are a solid investment.

Tire  Repair Shops for Sale

Now that we’ve established the tire repair shop industry’s bona fides, we now must determine the qualities of a company that would make you want to buy a franchise within the tire repair shop industry. The first thing you need to look for is a trusted brand name. One of the biggest as opposed to an entirely independent shop is the brand awareness you get with a franchise. So, make sure you invest in a company that has built up good equity in their brand name.

Another big advantage of an established franchise is buying power. A smart company will leverage their buying power across all their franchises to get their franchisees great deals on parts and equipment. We call this a preferred vendor program. With a preferred vendor program you can rest assured that you are getting top quality parts and equipment, but you’re doing so at cheap rates that other, smaller tire repair shops can’t access.

An additional quality you should look for in a company with tire repair shops for sale is just how much help and assistance do the franchisors give to the franchisee. Is there a good training course to begin with? Is there consistent training and education provided for franchisees and their employees? Do they offer marketing help? If the answer to all these is ‘yes’, then it looks like you have found an excellent tire repair shop for sale.

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