What You Should Look for in an Automotive Franchise for Sale

What You Should Look for in an Automotive Franchise for Sale

Let’s start by assuming that you’re already convinced that buying an automotive franchise for sale is a good investment for you. Great! It makes total sense. Apart from a few things like phones, beds, and spoons, there few products that as many people have as automobiles. Nearly every family has at least one. And they all need service, maintenance, and repairs from time to time.

Vehicles need servicing when the economy is bad, and when it’s good. Vehicles need maintenance when it’s winter or summer. And most automotive repair shops can service just about any vehicle, whether it’s fixing the muffler on an old, battered hatchback, testing the brakes on a luxury sedan, or replacing the tires on an electric car, your customer base includes a vast array of income levels, ethnicities, and ages. So, ?an automotive franchise is a great franchise to buy. But what qualities should you look for in an automotive franchise for sale before you buy one

Guidance and Support

Remember, when you’re looking for an automotive franchise for sale that you’re looking at the franchise. One of the biggest benefits of a franchise over opening a standalone, independent shop, is the support and guidance you get from the company and franchisors. Or at least, the support and guidance you should get. Some franchisors are less than invested in your long-term success and are to be avoided like the plague.

You want to find franchisors who are not just looking for a quick one-time franchising fee from you, but who are committed to building a long term, successful brand. How can you tell if a franchisor cares about you enough? Look at their model and their process. Do they offer plenty of training and support? Will they teach you the basics of automotive repair? Will they train you on how to hire the best staff? Will they be there for you and your staff when you hit bumps in the road and need some guidance? Will they advise you on your marketing plan? If the answers to all these questions are yes, you’ve found a top quality automotive franchise for sale.

Tangible Support

But all of that can be hard to pin down. The more detail a franchisor gives you with regards to their training and guidance, the better. But are there more concrete advantages they can give you apart from guidance and advice? For example, will they guarantee you your own territory?  Give you a protected territory and not let other franchises open there?

Do they have a preferred vendor program, so you know where you can go to buy quality supplies and equipment at the best possible price? Do they leverage their collective buying power to be able to get supplies cheaper than independent automotive shops and smaller automotive franchises? Does the company have relationships with third parties that can provide you with reasonable financing should you require financing to purchase your franchise? These are all qualities you should look for in an automotive franchise for sale.

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