What You Should Look For When You See an Automotive Repair Franchise For Sale

What You Should Look For When You See an Automotive Repair Franchise For Sale

So you’ve made the decision and you want to purchase a franchise. More than that, you want to purchase an automotive repair franchise. Good for you! The road ahead has challenges but it is also incredibly rewarding. But you shouldn’t make a hasty decision. Take some time to investigate potential franchisers and you’ll be rewarded with a profitable place of business and the sense of security that somebody’s got your back. Here are some of the most important things to look for when considering the purchase of an automotive repair franchise.

Will the Company Help You Get Started?

The old saying that no man is an island is a cliché for reason: it’s true. Despite the stories you might hear, nobody can start and run a successful business entirely by themselves. When you think about purchasing a franchise, the main advantage that comes to mind might be brand recognition, and it is true that that is very important, because it gets you customers in the door from day one. But a franchiser shouldn’t be offering you only brand recognition. You should be on the lookout for a franchiser that helps you through the entire process of building a business, from finding a suitable location to providing training.

Will the Company Provide Ongoing Support?

Many franchisers are well suited to giving you the initial push to get started, but how many will be there with you for the rest of your journey, providing ongoing support when and where you need it to ensure that your franchise is doing the best it possibly can? This can be in the form of marketing assistance, regular check-ins from your franchiser, help in purchasing equipment, and more. Tuffy, for example, has a wide national network of suppliers, and can therefore offer the best available prices to its franchisees when they need to purchase parts or equipment.

Is There a Healthy Relationship Between Franchise Owners and the Company? 

Brand recognition and meaningful assistance from your franchiser are wonderful, but equally important – or maybe even more so – is the feeling that you as a franchisee are respected, and that your ideas are being heard. This is why it is vital to have an established and trustworthy line of communication between franchiser and franchisee. For example, Tuffy has the Franchise Advisory Council Tuffy (FACT), an organization that represents all Tuffy’s franchisees. It has established a structured communication line, and with it a certain rapport, between the company and its franchisees. The intent of FACT is to provide a forum for all voices and ideas to be heard and a way to bring about genuinely constructive action.

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