What’s the Advantage of Owning an Auto Care Franchise vs. An Independent Shop?

What's the Advantage of Owning an Auto Care Franchise vs. An Independent Shop

If you know a little bit about vehicle repair and maintenance, and a little bit about business, opening your own auto shop will be a big  decision. Let’s assume you’ve already come to that conclusion. Now the question becomes, should you buy into an existing company and purchase a franchise, or should you go it alone and open an independent shop? Are there advantages for one over the other?

Independent Auto Shops

Let’s  first look at the independent route. What are the advantages ? Well, if you value your independence and don’t want to answer to anybody, you’ll get your wish with this decision. And that might be nice. Also, there are no franchising fees to pay, so that looks good, too. But to be honest, the pros end about there.

As an independent auto shop owner, you have no safety net. You have no template for success. You have no brand recognition with consumers. You are starting from scratch and the margins for error are razor thin. Indeed, you can do everything right and still fail to establish a profitable shop for reasons that are largely out of your control.

An Auto Care Franchise

With an auto care franchise you will have a lot of support. If you buy into a successful company, you have the assurance that the business model provided for you works. What’s more, you don’t have to spend years and years building up a consumer base, customer loyalty,and brand recognition; it’s already all there for you.

You will also receive guidance and support from the  company’s many members. They know what has worked and what hasn’t for previous franchisees and will be there to help and guide you to success. You both have the same goal. And you are still your own boss, it’s not like company reps will be at your auto shop every day micromanaging you. Franchisees still possess a great deal of freedom and independence.

Collective Buying Power

But perhaps the greatest advantage of an auto care franchise is one that is not often mentioned. Collective buying power. As the owner of one of many franchise locations, the company of which you are now a part can buy supplies, parts, and equipment in bulk or large orders and therefore save money on expenses. Big money.

If you join with a well-established business that has forged excellent connections with suppliers over the years, not only is your buying power increased but you can be sure you’re getting quality supplies. You don’t have to guess which suppliers are the best as you would if you were on your own. These savings allow you to keep your prices competitive. Also, when you have to replace a part, you can assure a customer that they’re getting the very best.

Tuffy Franchises

Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service is a company with all of the attributes mentioned above. We have been operating successful auto care franchises since 1970. We have great relationships with excellent suppliers and we can get our franchisees great deals on supplies, equipment, and parts. If you would like to join the Tuffy organization or have any questions about our operation, please do not hesitate to contact us.