Why Franchises Dominate The Auto Repair Business

Why Franchises Dominate the Auto Repair Business

In many ways, the auto repair business is the franchise auto repair business. Franchises dominate the world of auto repair. This article will explain why.

A Franchise Auto Repair Business Or An Independent Auto Repair Business?

If you start your own completely independent auto repair business, you’ll own it entirely, which means you’ll get to keep 100% of your profits. Furthermore, you won’t have to follow any company-wide guidelines or restrictions. Want to change your logo on a whim? Go for it. Want to tell off that rude customer with some salty language? There’s no company policy that says you can’t. That’s why it’s better to start an independent auto repair business, right?

Wrong. While many people have succeeded with a wholly independent auto repair business, they are the exceptions, not the rule. The truth is, buying a franchised auto repair business is the wiser move for almost everybody. An auto repair franchise has a much greater chance of success than an independent business. And, just as a reminder, you still own the franchise, it is yours. You just operate under the umbrella of a larger company.

Auto Repair Franchises Operate Under Brand Names.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll have if you open your own independent auto repair shop is getting people to trust you with their cars. You might have 30 years’ experience as a mechanic, but if nobody recognizes your businesses name, they’ll be hesitant to trust you. By buying a franchise, you are purchasing the rights to use that brand name. Now, not all brand names are equal, of course. You want to pick a company with years of experience and positive interactions with customers.

Auto Repair Franchises Get Protected Territories.

An auto repair franchise location doesn’t have to compete with other locations of that franchise. By buying a franchise, you should also get a protected territory. This means the franchisor won’t let another franchise open up near you.

Auto Repair Franchisees Benefit From Reduced Costs.

Auto repair businesses typically spend more money on replacement parts and equipment than anything else. By leveraging the buying power of all their franchise locations, the franchisor can develop a preferred vendor program. This allows the individual franchisees to purchase high-quality parts at reduced prices.

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service

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