Why You Should Jump When You Find an Automotive Repair Franchise For Sale

Why You Should Jump When You Find an Automotive Repair Franchise For Sale

Everybody knows how hard it can sometimes be to make a big decision. Whether it is the decision of which city to live in, which house to buy, or which school to send your children to, the answer is not always easy to find. Whether or not to purchase and run your own automotive repair franchise can be a similarly daunting proposition. It’s a big decision, and it’s true that it’s not for everybody, but for many people it’s an incredibly rewarding way to make a living – not to mention a lucrative one! This blog will help you work through the process and decide if purchasing an automotive repair franchise is the right choice for you.

No Time Like the Present

You know what they say about planting trees: the best time to do so is thirty years ago, but the second best is right now. A franchise is a business, and businesses take time to grow, so if you have the urge to make your money as a businessman or businesswoman, you shouldn’t delay. Thankfully, purchasing a franchise rather than starting your own business from scratch provides a shortcut to being up and running and turning a profit. With Tuffy, there are about twelve months between starting the process and having your franchise in operation, though this timeline can be reduced significantly if you already have your eye on a suitable piece of real estate. (And if you don’t, not to worry: Tuffy’s real estate team is there to help you evaluate and analyze potential sites to find the perfect place.) So just think – if you start today, you could have a franchise up and running in a year!

No Automotive Experience Required

If you do have prior automotive experience, then great! You’ve got a good head start and will have a leg up in running your franchise. If you don’t, though, that’s no reason not to take the leap and purchase an automotive repair franchise. If you’ve got drive and business savvy, Tuffy will help you fill in the gaps with a two to three week training course covering all aspects of running a franchise. You’ll learn all there is to know about the general aspects of franchise ownership, like recruitment of employees and customer service, as well as the aspects specific to an automotive franchise, such as vehicle inspection and inventory control. And after you’re up and running, you’re not on your own: you’ll get regular visits from Tuffy to help keep you on track. In addition, Tuffy offers Tuffy University, an online training program available anytime that can help you and your employees deal with any issue that might come up.

You’ve Got the Enthusiasm 

You’ve made it this far. You’re doing your research, reading up and learning all there is to know about automotive repair franchises. When it comes down to it, if you’ve got the enthusiasm, the drive, and the energy to run your own business, there’s no better option than purchasing a trusted franchise. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today!