Why You Should Own an Automotive Franchise

Why You Should Own an Automotive Franchise

To be one’s own boss is a very common dream. Indeed, there are few in this world who haven’t dreamed of it at least once in their lives. But there are many who have done far more than just dream. People work hard to save up the money and the knowledge it takes to start their own business. Others are career entrepreneurs; businesspeople who have a portfolio that include several businesses. Regardless of who you are, there’s one type of business that offers far greater rewards than do most: an automotive franchise.

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If you are reading this article, we can make a few assumptions about who you are. Provided you don’t just surf the internet looking for random company’s blog posts to read, you have an interest in either franchise ownership, the automotive business, or both. For many people, being their own boss is a means to its own end. These people don’t have a strong preference as to which industry they join, if they have a good chance of being profitable. And that’s OK; you don’t need to be a mechanical genius or an automobile enthusiast to successfully run an automotive franchise.

But maybe you are a mechanical genius. Maybe you’ve worked in the automotive industry, perhaps as a technician, for years and now you’re at the point where you can start your own automotive business. Regardless which of these profiles represent you better, or if you’re somebody quite different, there are two main questions to ask. First, “Why should I join the automotive industry?”. And second, “Why is an automotive franchise superior to a completely new and independent automotive shop?”.

Why Should I Join the Automotive Industry?

Before becoming a business owner in any industry, you want to ensure that said industry can afford you the right circumstances you need in order to succeed. Is there a lot of money in said industry? Is it stable? Is it growing?

The automotive industry has all the qualities you need to be successful. The automotive aftermarket consists of all transactions that occur after a vehicle’s initial sale, so it includes automotive repair shops. And business is good for auto repair shops. The average age of an American vehicle is at an all-time high. Older vehicles need more maintenance and repairs than do newer vehicles, so this means big business for automotive repair shops. The global automotive repair industry is forecasted to hit a valuation of $1 trillion (USD) by 2022. These are truly gargantuan numbers.

Why is An Automotive Franchise Superior to An Independent Shop?

Buying a franchise gives business owners a huge advantage over those who start from scratch. First, there’s the brand name. Positive brand name recognition can be invaluable so being able to operate under the brand name of a respected and trusted company is huge. Furthermore, there’s a lot franchisors can do for their franchisees. As an automotive franchise you can benefit from ongoing training and support as well as preferred vendor programs that allow you purchase parts and equipment at a discount.

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